• At the Ring Road Balkhu junction, head south on the Chobhar-Dakchhinkali road. Pass the Tribhuvan University gate. Soon after turn right on a nice wide paved road and head up to Kirtipur.
  • After 1.4 km and the start of Kirtipur town turn left at the T-junction and follow the road through Kirtipur as it curves around to the right.
  • 0.6km from the T-junction turn left (there could be paper here). Important: don’t take the first paved left hand turn.
  • After 2 km the road enters a village and bends 90 degrees right. Shortly after arrive at a water tap in the middle of a fork in the road.
  • Fork right and head up the hill for 1.4 km. Where a road veers off and up to the right, take the bend to the left and then the bend to the right. At the top of the school compound turn left onto a small grassy area with pine trees to the south and east.

w3w: slugs.grinning.guises

GPS: 27.660130, 85.252478