Receding Hareline

Run #DateTimeLocationHaresW3W Location
Run 2403Sat 13th April1500 HrsJagdol near Kapan
Krishna Temple
He Bitch
Run 2404Sat 20th April1500 HrsUnknownNeededCheck.Back.Later
Run 2405Sat 27th April1500 HrsUnknownNeededCheck.Back.Later

HASH 2403

  • From Chabahil Chowk, head east towards Bouddha
  • At about 500m, take the left fork at the statue of Pasang Lhamu
  • Stay on the main road for 4.3km until you reach an open area below the pine trees (Sahid Park)
  • Take a left and climb up the hill, going past a hairpin bend and make a left at the next intersection at the top
  • Continue on the road for another 800m as it winds through the wooded area until you arrive at on-in

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