Route 1a:

  • From the Ring Road at Balkhu take the road south that leads to Kirtipur.
  • Keep straight on the main road, and pass roads to the right that lead to Kirtipur and Chobar.
  • The road rises through pine forest after Chobar Gate and then veers right and drops down the south side of Chobar Hill.
  • After a hairpin bend to the left the road again veers right and continues southwards towards Taudaha Pond.

Route 1b:

  • Turn off the Ring Road below Jawalakhel or Ekantakuna
  • Go down and cross the Nakhu River
  • Take the next road right (before the uphill starts)
  • Continue horizontal and then uphill to a pass
  • Descend for 100m through pine trees
  • Take a hard right. This will swing you round to see the Chobar temple and the road bridge below
  • Cross the bridge and the wide flat parking area
  • Turn left at the main road and proceed past Taudaha Pond.

And then:

  • Go past the pond entrance, and after yet another hairpin bend to the left (filling station for water tanks here), turn left to an open area down the slope. The turnoff is about 400m from the Taudaha entrance.

GPS: 27.646858, 85.277843

W3W: gives.pushover.clubs