1. Head east on the highway from Koteshwor towards Bhaktapur.

2. Turn right, signposted to Dadhikot, about 4km from Koteshwor Ring Road at the Naya Thimi/ Shankahadhar Shakhwa junction/crossroads.

3. Before the junction, get into the right hand lane at about 3.5km as you see the highway signboard pointing right to Dadhikot and as you pass the SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV centre on the left. The junction is also recognizable as the left hand turn at the crossroads would take you through an arch and up into old Thimi.

4. After turning right off the highway, follow the road straight (southish) through a narrow shopping bazaar and across a tight bridge into Devdol.

5. Follow the road straight, which is not in the best of conditions, and you will see the Barahi temple area on the right. Carry on straight keeping the temple area on your immediate right. DO NOT TURN LEFT- many people went wrong here in the past!

6. Continue straight along the road with a steep grassy banking on your left that has lots of nice pine trees on it.

7. Where the steep grassy banking finishes, follow the main road as it bends to the right then left passing Kathmandu School of Law on your right side.

8. Follow the winding road up the hill passing vegetable fields on the right and the BVA English School on the left. Where it gets steep, continue on the main road to left – DO NOT take the very steep right to the little temple.

9. As you come to the brow of the hill you can see the big tall yellow concrete water tower. Follow the road to under the water tower and park. Congratulations, you have reached the on in.

GPS: 27.661219, 85.384488

w3w: superhero.compiler.olive