1. Leave the Ring Road at Koteswor and head east towards Bhaktapur on the main highway. At Sallagadhi (pine trees on the hill ahead left/way to Bhaktapur town) keep on the main road heading out towards Banepa/Dhulikhel.

2. About 1.5 km further on see a big cinema on the left in the Bavarian church rococo style with fluted columns and pseudo-Corinthian capitals, turret roofs, and window keystones.

3. Now get into the right hand lane and take the next turn on the right. This junction is just BEFORE a footbridge .

4. Turn right and go across on to the small pitched road between houses. Keep on this road on up to the top with some steep bits.

5. At the top and off to the right you will see a concrete arch with a big set of steps going up behind it.

6. Just BEFORE this, turn up left, leaving the gravel for a reddish mud road. Maybe paper here. Follow this past the army camp through the trees and keep going level for another 1-2 km. It can just about be negotiated by sedans.

7. Pass the big tin roof of a school below right and then come out at a large open grassy area with a little red temple at the far end. That’s it, people, just remember to allow about 30 minutes from Koteswor.

w3w: songbird.preparing.universes

GPS:27.652404, 85.418823