• Go to the Satdobato (Chapagaun) junction on the Ring Road south of Patan. This is the Ring Road junction to the west of the Satdobato (Godavari) junction.
  • Pass the petrol pump on the left just after the Ring Road and head south towards Chapagaun.
  • At about 800m, you will cross Ullen’s School.
  • After about 1.8 km the road begins to rise and there are big signboards for Annal Jyoti School on the left (by the school itself) and on the right.
  • 150m further on from Annal Jyoti School take a right turn. This turn is after a length of brick wall where there is a blue sign with Nepali lettering saying ‘Adarsha Tole’, with a white arrow on the bottom. Paper will mark this point.
  • Turn in to the right and after 200m turn left and after 100m turn right at the junction. Turn right again and enter the black gates. The On-In is inside Keeled Kottage.
  • Park either on the road by Keeled Kottage or in the field on the right 150m from the main road.

Phone Steve on 9808 209987 if you get lost.

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GPS: 27.640551, 85.316460