• Leave the Ring Road at Satdobato and head towards Godavari
  • At 4.6km from Ring Road, take a left at THAIBA VILLAGE with a small shrine and bell to your left and before the NMB Bank office.
  • Take an immediate right with the road next to the Dish home signboard.
  • You will go down hill towards the river and a narrow bridge. Once past the bridge you will start to go uphill again passing a temple at the top of the hill.
  • 100m further you will pass Damaitar Lower Secondary School on your left where you take the right turn.
  • Keep following the tarmac road all the way to Godamchaur.
  • Take a LEFT at the football ground once you see a sign with “GODAMCHAUR” – white board with black letters, and go off the tarmac road toward Bishankhu Narayan temple.
  • At 400m from the turn, take a right up the hill.
  • After another 900m, follow the main road as it turns left and passes the Bishankhu Narayan Temple on the left.
  • Keep on the main road, going up for another 1.4 km until you reach the small settlement (Kot Dada).

GPS: 27.623289, 85.381797

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