• Route 1a:

    • From the Ring Road at Balkhu take the road south that leads to Kirtipur.
    • Keep straight on the main road, and pass roads to the right that lead to Kirtipur and Chobar.
    • The road rises through pine forest after Chobar Gate and then veers right and drops down the south side of Chobar Hill.
    • After a hairpin bend to the left the road again veers right and continues southwards towards Taudaha Pond past the new dry port.

    Route 1b:

    • Turn off the Ring Road below Jawalakhel or Ekantakuna
    • Go down and cross the Nakhu River
    • Take the next road right (before the uphill starts)
    • Continue horizontal and then uphill to a pass
    • Descend for 100m through pine trees
    • Take a hard right. This will swing you round to see the Chobar temple and the road bridge below
    • Cross the bridge and the wide flat parking area
    • Turn left at the main road and proceed past the new dry port.

    And then:

    • After you cross the Taudaha (lake) entrance, make the next right.
    • Take the right at the next fork, and stay on the road for another 500 meters until you reach Bhetghat Fishing Spot and Restro Bar.
    • Look around to find the on-in (look for paper).

GPS: 27.653372, 85.279629

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