1. Leave the ring road at the Satdobato junction, and head south towards Godavari.

2. Stay on the main road for approx 7.5 km, passing through the towns of Harisiddhi and Thaiba.

3. When you see the fancy sign to Godavari Resort on the right, turn right just in front of it. There might be paper at the turn.

But note that this signboard may not be there as the resort has been closed since the earthquakes. This is the road that goes to Badikhel and through to Chapagaun.

4. Follow the road for 500m, taking sharp left and right bends. Go past the small pine tree forest on the right side that is often a regular on-in.

5. The On-In is 50m past the pine trees, on the open patch of land on the left side just before you reach the Resort gate.

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GPS: 27.608327, 85.354905