1. Leave the Ring Road at Koteshwar and head east towards Bhaktapur on the new highway.

2. At the Sallagari junction (with traffic lights and pine trees on the hill ahead left) set your odometer to zero and keep on the main highway heading out towards Dhulikhel.

3. About 1.5 km further on see a big cinema on the left in the Bavarian church rococo style done in pink and green with white fluted columns and dark red pseudo-Corinthian capitals, turret roofs, and window keystones.

4. 400m pass this (1.9km), turn right on asphalted road between houses, and proceed up this road, sometimes steeply, until you come to a T-junction (3.1km) with the entrance to the Suryabinayak Temple in front of you.

5. Turn left and keep on the main asphalted road, passing minor junctions after 3.3km and 3.5km. Keep on the upper road until you reach 3.6km, where there is a open grassy area on the right side of the road, and the forest ends giving you a view over to valley to the east.

6. You will also see a brightly painted forestry office This place is the OnSite.

GPS 27.652261, 85.426179