• Heading north on the Ring Road from Kalanki reach the turn-off at Bahiti. This is south of Swayambu and north of Kalanki (an army camp is just south of the turn on the opposite side). Turn north-westerly and upwards on a paved road
  • Head west along the main Sitapaila road.
  • At about 1.9 km pass Sitapaila school on the left.
  • At about 2.3 km pass a big tree in the middle of the road.
  • At about 2.6 km pass a fake right hand turn (IGNORE).
  • At about 3.1 km, after going down and then up into a small village take a rightish turn.
  • At about 3.6 km the road drops into a small valley. Look for the OnSite in a plotted area down to the left with small temple beyond.

GPS: 27.721167, 85.253456

w3w: chum.bunny.duke