1. Take the exit off the Ring Road at Machha Pokhari Chowk on to the Trishuli Highway in northwest corner of the Valley.
2. Follow the Trishuli Highway going through Nagarjun where you will pass an army checkpoint and Osho Tapoban where you will pass a police checkpoint
3. Continue on the Trishuli Highway to Tinpiple – which is approximately 9km from Ring Road.
4. At the intersection at Tinpiple you will find on your right side then local ward office with a policeman at a desk beside the road. There will be paper here.
5. Follow the Trishuli highway road bending to the left from where you see the policeman.
6. 50m further you will see a motorbike mechanic workshop where there is an intersection with a road going straight and the Trishuli Highway bending to the right again.
7. Take the Trishuli Highway road but immediately (100m) past the intersection take a sharp right turn on to a concrete uphill road (look for paper here).
8. The on-in will be 100m further on that road in front of a (locked and COVID deserted) government school.

Leave early to arrive there on time. It is father than our usual on-ins.

GPS: 27.777375, 85.278560
W3W: sprint.shots.untruth