• Go to Samakhushi Chowk (junction) on the north part of the Ring Road. It lies east of Gongabu and 2.1 km west of Maharajgunj/Chakrapath Chowk.
    • This point is busy and there are no obvious landmarks. Non-obvious landmarks include the following (ask for the road to Tokha or Grande Hospital if unsure):
    • a big (maybe) green building that says (in small letters) National Gurkha Shopping Centre.
    • perhaps Asia paint shops on both sides of the Ring Road and just down the Tokha road is a BP station.
  • Head north 4 km to Tokha. Some landmarks on the way include:
    • Greenline School on the left after 1.4 km
    • Grande Hospital on the left after 2.2 km
  • After 4 km, proceed through the old town of Tokha along the main road.
  • Just after passing a pond on the left, and as you exit Tokha, you’ll see a temple on the right, and then immediately a road to the right – pass the first road on the right, go straight as if your going down the hill and take the second sharp right. There should be paper at this turn.
    • If unsure, ask the locals for direction to Chandeswori Temple
  • Proceed 750m on the Chandeshwori temple road, until you reach Tokha Urban Farm on the right side of the road.


GPS: 27.771926, 85.335210

w3w: curls.firmer.aimless