• Go to Swayambhu Park junction on Ring Road, and turn on to the road directly opposite the bus stop in front of Swayambhu Park (opposite the large Buddha statues), going towards Halchowk.
  • Follow the road as it gradually slopes up – you will reach a fork in the road with a Lava Digital shop on your left. Keep to the main road turning towards left (Do not go down the hill straight ahead).
  • Follow the road as it goes up. You will pass a big pink house on the right fenced by a dull pink wall, outside which 4-5 black dogs will be napping. If you don’t see these particular dogs, you’re probably on the wrong road. Just go home.
  • Stay on the road as it becomes lined by trees and you go past a police point. Continue on the road as it rises, up a very steep hill that curves to the left.
  • After reaching the top of this steep hill, you should see a temple on your right. Just keep going straight; do not take the right or left turn that you see as you go down the hill. Stay on the main road.
  • Take the next left turn you see, towards the direction of the eroding cliffs. There are blue signs with arrows pointing the way you should go on the telephone pole at his turn. (There might also be a signboard directing you to White Gumba).
  • Follow this road as it curves and goes up a small hill towards a stone wall. At this wall, turn RIGHT onto the gravel road.
  • The On-In is another 100m further on the left side.

GPS: 27.7240166,85.2695399

what3words: polar.called.pull