1. From Chabahil Chowk at the north-east part of the Ring Road, turn off east towards Bouddha.
  2. Pass the stupa entrance and go on to Jorpati Chowk, where the road straight on starts to go downhill.
  3. Turn left at Jorpati Chowk onto the Sundarijal road. Follow this towards the pine-tree ridge which will become visible ahead in the distance.
  4. Before the pine ridge, at an intersection about 2km from the turnoff at Jorpati, take the new road on the left which goes below the park area and climbs towards the ridge.
  5. The on-in is in the big open area at the first top on the left (not the very top), hopefully marked with paper.

GPS: 27.739515, 85.380740

w3w: rebounder.once.mini