• Go to Satdobato at the south of the Ring Road. Take the road south to Chapagaun. The on-in lies about 9km from the Ring Road.
  • Head south passing through Khumaltar, Dholahiti, Sunakothi, Thecho and on to Chapagaun with the police station at the start of Chapagaun on the left.
  • Pass straight through the old main part of Chapagaun following the main road around to the left and uphill at the end of the main part of Chapagaun.
  • Carry on south for about 1.5 km to a point with a shelter and a tree on the left where the main road goes to the right and up towards Tika Bhairav. Take the road to the leftish/straight aheadish here.
  • Carry on around the eastern side of the large forested hill climbing up past quarries taking the right fork at one point and on to the bhanjhang (saddle/pass) at the top.
  • Follow paper to the on-in closeby — probably up to the right in a quarry area.

GPS coordinate: 27.580620, 85.328610

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