The road from Sitapaila Chowk on the Ring Road to Bhimdhunga is in very bad condition and Hashers should allow 40 minutes for that portion.

1. Go to the turnoff on the Ring Road to Sitapaila at the west of the Ring Road south of Swayambhu and north of Kalanki.

2. Head out west with the first section uphill bearing right.

3. At about 4km from the Ring Road the road goes through a narrow cluster of buildings and then forks to the right.

4. At 4.6 km the road becomes a nicely packed and smooth gravel track. Keep going down this road 1.4 km as it deteriorates into a bumpy, but taxi-traversable road.

5. After 1.4 km the track reverts back to pitch. Follow this smooth road for another 1.4 km and turn off left into a large flat field across from an army camp at a place called Bhimdhunga. (This last section leads up through forest to the on-in on the very edge of the Kathmandu Valley.)

Or in other words… head out straight on the Sitapaila road going through Ramkot and on up to the edge of the valley looking out to Dhading district at Bhimdhunga Bhanjang. The on-in is about 7.5 km from the Ring Road.


GPS: 27.726439, 85.230660