• Go to the Maharajganj roundabout on the ring road (Narayan Gopal Chowk) and head north towards Buddhanilkantha.
  • Set your odometer to zero at the Ring Road and continue north for 5 km until you reach the last bus stop before the Budhanilkantha temple (you will see a gate there).
  • Head on straight towards the Shivapuri park entrance. (If you are driving, you will have to turn left and go 180m before making a sharp right towards the temple.)
  • Cross the temple area and head north up the hill, bearing left at the fork.
  • About 600m from the temple, you will pass the signboard for ‘Golden Krust Bakery and Pizzeria’.
  • At another 250m further, take the narrow street down to the right and cross the bridge. (There might be paper here.)
  • The house is almost immediately to the left after crossing the bridge. (It’s quite narrow near the house and maneuvering into the gate requires some good driving skills.)

GPS: 27.784000, 85.365861 OR 27.784372, 85.365728

W3W: siesta.joystick.hoot OR stand.pickup.excavated

https://goo.gl/maps/DqwgBeZTg6SMBTaG9 OR https://goo.gl/maps/dbyGdzEi8vRcTgSJ9