1. From the southwest Ring Road at Ekantakuna follow the road south through Bhainsepati.
  2. Head south taking the main road as it goes left above Bungamati. Carry on towards the usual On-In at Chhampi. The On-In is about 8 km south of the Ring Road.
  3. About 200m before Chhampi school turn and the usual On-In, turn sharp left down a track. This turnoff will be well marked with paper.
  4. Car drivers check the track before going down to see if it is drivable for you. 4WDs will be OK. Carry on down the track about 800m to the brick kiln.
  5. The On-In will probably be just below the brick kiln.

The On-In is down a quite rough track. Car drivers, pls check the track before venturing down it; otherwise park your car somewhere on the main road and walk the 800m down to the On-In. Pls park so you don’t block the track, although there may be no through traffic.



W3W: slipping.landlords.squashes

GPS: 27.605517, 85.314364