• From the south-western part of the Ring Road at Balkhu head out on the Dakchhinkali/Pharping road. Carry straight on past the university entrance.
  • Carry on along the main road up through the pine tree forested hill. Go around the hill, and start descending to the south-west.
  • Pass some quarry buildings on the left. Before you reach the next long hairpin bend around and down to the left, go off to the right up a dirt track. (there may be paper here).
  • The on-in is about 250m up the track in an open area beside a large pipal tree. This is also the parking area for visitors to Whopee Land Amusement and Water Park.

Alternative way via Chobhar Gorge: You can now also cross the Ring Road south of the big Jawalakhel Roundabout, head down across the Nakku River, and then turn right onto a not-very-good road (just before the main road starts to head leftwards and up steeply to Baisepatti).

Follow this road till it crosses a pass and starts to go down through pine trees. Take the first turn sharp back right and head down on an un-pitched road which takes you over the new Bagmati road bridge. Then continue across the car park and take a right onto the main pitched road. You will quickly reach the long bend described above. As you come out of the bend look for the dirt road on the left.

GPS: 27.662958, 85.288234

w3w: explained.paddle.distract