• From Chabahil Chowk at the north-east part of the Ring Road, turn off east towards Bouddha.
  • About 1 km east after passing the stupa entrance, you come to Jorpati Chowk, where the road straight on starts to go downhill.
  • From here take the left turn (fork) on to the Sundarijal road.
    • Note that from Jorpati Chowk you can also continue downhill and take a left turn immediately before the bridge and then head north with the Bagmati River on your right and then turn right at the end to join the Sundarijal road.
  • About 2.5 km from Jorpati Chowk (and after passing a pine forest on your left) the main road descends to Gokarna Temple, which is down on your right.
  • Keep on the main road past the temple and as the downhill ends the road bends around to the right, take the side road that goes straight/left.
  • Continue on this road for about 1.6 km northwards to arrive at the On In.

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