• Go to Swayambhu Park junction on Ring Road, and turn on to the road directly opposite the bus stop in front of Swayambhu Park (opposite the large Buddha statues), going towards Halchowk.
  • Follow the road as it gradually slopes up – you will reach a fork in the road with a Lava Digital shop on your left. Keep to the main road turning towards left (Do not go down the hill straight ahead).
  • Follow the road as it goes up. You will pass a big pink house on the right fenced by a dull pink wall, outside which 4-5 black dogs will be napping. If you don’t see these particular dogs, you’re probably on the wrong road. Just go home.
  • Stay on the road as it becomes lined by trees and you go past a police point. Continue on the road as it rises, up a very steep hill that curves to the left.
  • After reaching the top of this steep hill, you should see a temple on your right. Take the right turn immediately after the temple.
  • Take the right at the fork at 140 m, and go up the hill for another 160 m to arrive at the on-in on the left.

GPS: 27.726343, 85.274976

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