• Head out north to the Maharajganj roundabout at the north of the Ring Road at Narayan Gopal Chowk. Drivers, set your odometer to zero.
  • Head north towards Bansbari.
  • After Bansbari and 1.8 km from the Ring Road, turn RIGHT at the ‘Your’s Drinks Gallery, Golfutar’ sign on the corner shop. Sign is above the shop and sticking out as of April 2015. Set your odometer to zero again.
  • Go down the hill (winding down to the left on the main road at one point soon after the turnoff) to the valley where you should be able to see Kopan Monastery at the top of the hill in front.
  • At 0.4 km from the main road turn RIGHT at a corrugated snack shop (see GS Store on your left).
  • Turn LEFT on the first dirt road.
  • You will merge onto another dirt road (which we used prior to Sept 2014) under a line of high voltage electricty towers going northwards (to the left) up a small hill. Follow the high tension towers straight up to the on-on site. If you do not have a 4WD vehicle you may need to park at the bottom of the hill.
  • If you need to ask the way the locals know this place as the old football ground… or just follow the paper (if there is any!). The whole area was known for bungoor (pig) farming. If you are on top of a small bridge (the bridge is called the Bungoor Farm Bridge — no kidding) with stream underneath… you are a few hundred meters past the place you should have turned left.

If you get lost, look for the high tension wires – seriously, they lead you right there

GPS: 27.753030,85.358940

w3w: seashell.branching.translated