• From Chabahil Chowk at the north-east part of the Ring Road, turn off east towards Bouddha.
  • Pass the stupa entrance and go on to Jorpati Chowk, where the road straight on starts to go downhill.
  • Continue STRAIGHT downhill and take a left turn BEFORE the bridge.
  • Head straight north along the river for 2km till the road bends left and comes to an intersection.
  • Make a right turn and stay on the main road (do not take the road going up to the left).
    • Alternatively, you can also turn left at Jorpati Chowk onto the Sundarijal road and follow the main road to the intersection below the pine ridge (2km)
  • Pass the Gokarneshwor Temple on the right, and at 450m from the temple as the main road goes uphill, take the road that forks left from the main road. There will be paper here.
  • Follow this road for another 1.7km to the on-in which is an open area on the left. (Stay right at 300m and 1.1km)

w3w: prowl.captures.flap

GPS: 27.7522818,85.3985373