1. Go to Koteshwor at the east of the Ring Road and the way out of Kathmandu to Bhaktapur.

2. Follow the highway to the first main turnoff to the left with traffic lights after about 800m.

3. Turn off to the left and head along the straight road for c. 1km to the first main junction. Follow the road around to the right (east) past the Pepsi Cola factory, and carry on for 2.9 km to Old Thimi.

4. At the junction right in the middle of Old Thimi take a left (north). This turnoff is a bit hard to see but it is the main turnoff and the road takes you right through to Mulpani from here.

5. 1.1 km from the turnoff there is a petrol pump on the left and the road forks. Take the straight-on/left leg of the fork (not the right leg). The road goes down a steep bit of tarmac.

6. About 0.9 km from the fork, turn right by two police watchman posts (paper here) and the on-in is in the field on the right. It overlooks the valley of the Manohara khola.

If you are coming from the north/centre of Kathmandu you could come by Guheshwori to the backside of the airport runway and on to Pepis Cola; or you could come via Mulpani.

GPS: 27.699276, 85.394064

w3w: plump.swarm.evidence