1. Go to Chapagaun Satdobato on the Ring Road to the south of Patan.
  2. Take the road that heads south towards Chapagaun. There’s a petrol pump on the left after about 50m followed by a new Bhat Bhateni Supermarket, also on the left.
  3. After about 1.8 km south the road begins to rise and there are big signboards for Anal Jyoti School on the left and right.
  4. Continue about a further 200m to a rusty sign with Nepali lettering on the right saying ‘Adarsha Tole’ in Nepali with a white arrow on the bottom. There should be paper here.
  5. Turn in to the right and after 150m turn left.
  6. Carry on about 100m slightly uphill to the T-junction with the old Keeled Kottage on the right.

Park vehicles here on the right before the T-junction. Note: There’s only parking in the new place for the beer waggon, motorbikes and cycles.

  1. Turn right at the T-junction and pass the entrance to the old Keeled Kottage. The gate to the Pinkottage is 150m further north on the left hand side just before a small temple on the left. The gate will be marked with paper.

w3w: carpentry.kiosk.glitz

GPS: 27.641533, 85.315353