• From the Jawalakhel roundabout go south and straight across the Ring Road. Set your odometer to zero, pass the fuel station on the left head down the hill.
  • At the bottom of the hill keep on south, crossing the bridge over the River Nakhu, and heading straight up the hill.
  • Pass the central road dividers and then the tree in the middle of the road and more road dividers. After another 100m, take the road heading straight on/slightly rightish at the junction with shops with KK Supermarket just after the junction. Do not follow the main road that curves to the left.
  • At a 3-way intersection keep going straight and onto a narrower road. Follow this through a sharp left turn and after 15m turn sharp right onto a dirt road. You are now about 2.6 km from the Ring Road.
  • After a short while the view opens up to the right and you come to a temple down on the right. Turn up left into a narrow passage between walls, and emerge in an open flat space where the hares and all the other Hash paraphernalia will be awaiting your pleasure.

W3W: doormat.headlight.wrist

GPS: 27.645101, 85.301998