Directions to Shikali Bhairav near Sano Khokana2024-05-03T08:54:16+00:00
  • Take the Bhainsepatti road from the Ring Road.
  • Go down the hill across the Nakhu Khola river, and up the long hill on the other side.
  • After about 2.5 km from Ring Road, just after the top of the long uphill section with the road divider in the middle, leave the main road and head straioght on/slightly rightish (the KK Supermarket should be on your left side).
  • After a 300 metres you come to a 3-way junction. Carry on along the road that heads diagonally right and follow it for around 200m to the next junction with a large tree.
  • Head straight, and Follow the road down a long hill and into the rice fields area below. At the first junction turn right towards the village of Sano Kokhana.
  • Follow the road through the Sano Khokana and continue on as far as it goes to the open grassy area above the Bagmati River at Shikali Bhairav temple.

w3w: hobbit.zinc.coins

GPS: 27.643058, 85.286360

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