• Take Naya Bazaar marg and cross the ring road at Balaju chowk, heading towards Trishuli Highway as if you were going to Kakani.
  • Right after the junction at the beginning of the Nagarjun forest, take the slight right turn the road going down the hill.
  • Continue straight on this road for around 600 m and turn left after crossing the narrow bridge.
  • Do not cross the first bridge, but continue on this paved road with the river on your left side for around 2 km.
  • The road will go over the river, and take the immediate right after the bridge.
  • Then take the left road going up at another 100 m.
  • Continue on this main road for 3.5 km, and as the road turns sharply to the left at a bazaar area, take the narrow road on the right (there might paper here).
  • Follow this winding road for about 600 m, then take the right onto an unpaved road (there might be paper here).
  • At another 100 m, soon after a right turn, take the left road.
  • Stay on this road for a little over 1 km to reach the destination.

The on-in takes about half hour from the Balaju junction. So leave on time!!!

GPS: 27.792627, 85.308303

w3w: landowner.polite.recorder