• From the Ring Road at Balkhu take the road south that leads to Kirtipur.
  • Keep straight on the main road, and pass roads to the right that lead to Kirtipur and Chobar.
  • The road rises through pine forest after Chobar Gate and then veers right and drops down the south side of Chobar Hill.
  • After a hairpin bend to the left the road again veers right and continues southwards towards Taudaha Pond.
  • Approximately 350m past the ticket gate, the road will take a sharp left. After this turn, continue for another 1000 meters, and turn right off the main road at the Mahadev Than bus stop.
    • Before the turn, you will go past the big sign for the Kevin Rohan Foundation and the Everest LPG bottling plant. The road you want will lead uphill, between a teashop with a few picnic tables outside and a very old building that still bears the marks of once having been bright NCell purple. If you see the government forest nursery on your left, you’ve gone too far.
  • After turning off the main road, climb the hill for roughly 1000 meters, driving past the church on your left and then a Shiva temple to your right.
  • Eventually, the road will reach a wall with several public water taps. Keep left, which will immediately lead you to a very steep section with new concrete.
  • When you get to the top, bear right, and keep going through the forest until you get to another Shiva temple.
  • A road leads down into a small hamlet, and the land is right there below the temple.

Use google maps for “The Open Institute for Social Science” or 27.643087, 85.273730

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