1. On the south side of the Ring Road head south from Satdobato on the road to Chapagaun.
  2. Keep going south through Sunakothi and Thecho.
  3. At about 6 km from the Ring Road at the end of Thecho the main road goes around to the left and there is a large tree on the right in the fork.
  4. Carry straight on along the minor road that goes straight ahead with speed bumps. There should be paper marking the fork. The On-In is about 250m ahead on the left with open views of the in-spate Nakhu Khola to the right.

If you reach Chapagaun Police Station on the left on the main road you have gone to far. Turn back.

w3w: Grips.Easy.Takeovers

GPS: 27.606886, 85.322397