HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1946 (8th August 2015)

Location Rappers Rathole
Hares He Bitch (live), Blow Hard and Thin Dick
HashitMorning Glory
Trash HeBitch
Trashflash Was Apparently Named
Remarkables virgins:..... returnees:Wet Dream, Daffy Dildo, Mr. and Mrs. Kruel (what's shoba's hashname?) and Fingered. Visitors: Morning Glory

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

Having had two weeks without the illusion of leadership the hash had deteriorated to something beyond vegetative state. To make matters worse, the only hash furniture known to date, the hash table, has mysteriously disappeared and is probably still standing at a previous On In. To undo what is wrong, put a smile on children’s faces and basically be one step short of solving the world’s problems and establishing world peace while at it, HeBitch returned from his humanitarian mission of providing economic impulses to the Greek beach resort region and volunteered to be the live hare (did we mention the hare is writing the trash?), with the loyal Bruce the complainer taking on the role as walking hare. After the departure of the hare the pack patiently waited before pursuing the freshly thrown paper. From Rapper’s Rathole, the trail went down into the field, possible the most exposed route to start (first tactical haring error) and then descended to the river banks through the muddy rice paddies and pigsties (second tactical haring error). The pack was reduced significantly with virgins and old timers crashing left and right alike into the smelly Bagmati mud and a price on the head of the hare was loudly discussed in several languages. Reaching the riverbanks a cunning false trail to Chobbar direction as undermined by honest local and thus the pack got back on track with the fresh footprints of the hare’s (and at times other bodily imprints) leading them to where the temporary bridge had been, now washed away by the Monsoon (third tactical haring error). After this, the pack had to wrestle through a jungle of brambles and nettles (outshining all previous tactical haring errors), with only few well weathered hashers making a detour to pick up the trail a little further up the river.

This is where the hare was spotted for the first time by Hole In One, with the hare responding by accelerating but ending up caught after which the last part of the run was set jointly. With Hole in One finishing the live hare before the defeated hare, it took a while before mudded creatures (once hashers) stated dripping in. What was possible the worst run H4 history in terms of scenic and scent received yet another 9.9 showing the poor rating system utilized at the hash and the lack of short term memory among the pack. The hares got what they deserved. The incoming flow of virgins seems not to have slown down, despite hash scare tactics of having them transported to and from the hash in the Spare Part’s mobile. A hashcrash followed by a hashflashing on the walked provoked a naming, after which Morning Glory was identified as the source of the virgin flow and punished with the Hashshit

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