HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1948  (22th August 2015 )

Location Rara House
Hares Adult Diapers, In The Pants, Thigh Gap and He-bitch
Hashers ~51
HashitF**k Norris
Trash Doggy Style
Trashflash Hole-in-one
Remarkables virgins:... returnees:... visitors: ... Leavers: Thigh Gap, Lynn

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

Everyone agreed that there was more splash in Hash 1948 than the previous week’s nakhu hash — thanks to the downpour and the muddy trails, which, in most places turned into streams gushing down the slopes. Needless to say, it managed to wipe out quite a number of hashers. One virgin was overheard saying she will never come to hash again, and will discourage anyone who might be thinking of coming. Thanks, Hares, for helping to keep the H4 population in check. Now, we will have enough food for everyone, and Thunder Thighs will not have to hoard food for her lost husband, Technielogy (who manages to get lost despite his other wife, the talking GPS, clinging to him).

It all started out well, with most hashers finding the on-in despite the innumerable bifurcations, thanks largely to the good and detailed directions from Sienna. If only the hares got similar directions while setting the hash, they wouldn’t have got lost and led the pack into running in circles towards the end. The run through the muddy fields alongside the pig sties went as expected, except for one Norwegian lass getting her leg caught in a manhole that was concealed by tall grass. (Let’s see if she comes back next Saturday). There was a nice holding on a small area on top of an eroding hillock that we had to share with few cattle who didn’t appreciate the intrusion. Things got a bit out of hand towards the end when the runners entered the town of Dhapasi. It was obvious that the hares were even more confused than the runners. Many runners tried to find the way back on their own in heavy downpour. Few were not as successful.

The circle had to go on without the GM He-Bitch. DoggyStyle did his best to fill in, and quickly handed out down down to the hares, virgins, returnees and leavers. Apple got a down down for the largest leech ever (it had turned into a snail). Thunder Thighs got one for being a whoreder, and there was one other for new shoes.

Finally, Sienna was got a Hash name Bifornication for the many bifurcations in her directions. Hand Cream got a down down for wasting paper by printing out the hashathon plan for #1950, and F**K Norris was awarded the hash shit (can’t remember why – It was way too late by then).

The on-in was moved to Sienna’s garage to take shelter from the incessant rain. The initial headcount revealed that six runners were missing. When He-Bitch found that Dr. Death was one of them, he immediately stopped laughing, and took off to find his beloved, while Thunder Thighs got busy hiding food for her beloved. It did not take much longer for all the runners to get back, except… yes, you guessed it, He-Bitch, who was running in circles somewhere in Dhapasi searching for Dr. Death.

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