HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 2033 (15 April 2017 )

Location South of Thimi
Hares American Carnage, Dr. Death and HeBitch
Hashers ~20
Trash HeBitch
Trashflash Absent
Remarkables virgins:2 Austrian Orphans returnees:... visitors: ... Leavers: The Circle

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

Hashtrash 2033

For Hashrun number 2033, the location was cunningly kept secret by techneilogy despite repeated please from hares American Carnage, Dr. Death and HeBitch. In his defense, our poor excuse of a webmaster probably wanted to prevent to have the run’s coordinates available for Russian hackers, that could use them to aim missiles or their mothers at.

Despite this attempt to even further confuse our loyal hashers, a bunch made it out to Thimi on Saturday, gathering on the auspicious place where Nepal’s first hash was held some 35 years ago……or actually just up the road as this location turned out to be barb wired by the friendly locals in anticipation of our return. Doggystyle had taken over from Spare Part in driving the Chickmobile to the run and Keeled Over was charged double registration fee as he only showed up for socializing.

The hares looked depleted as they had seen the trail laid the night before washed away by a hailstorm (that will teach them to attempt having a run planned in advance!) and therefore had to do it again in the morning, which still had two of them (let’s not mention them but it wasn’t HeBitch) lose their own trail. The nervous pack was told that it was ‘only’ a 14 km and that they should be happy as it was still a 17 km the day before. The bad news however was that all walking hares were absent forcing Rea and the Troubled Orphans to run, with the first ending taking a taxi home halfway and the latter two to stuff their bagpacks with the marijuana they found along the trail to forget their misery, only to be handed back to Trouble by a huffy puffy Hebitch at the first holding.

From the temple holding, the trail led into Suryabikayak and past the special forces with the hares undertaking all possible to ensure most of the runners were checking out the false trails. Million Dollar Visa and Shining Path were convinced that the eagle trail from holding number 2 was shorter than the chicken trail (guess which one they took) with only GogoGirl, Techneilogy and Doggy style opting for the eagle trail.

Million Dollar Visa further complaint to all that were ignoring him on having sprained his back and blamed Crafty Handjob of having something to do with this, raising questions as soon after Darling’s back also gave out. The last two kilometer was surprisingly marked with flour….or goats looking like coke addicts, having Laura and Skid Mark losing their way only meters before the On-In.

With most of the hashers leaving before the circle in a mutiny instigated by Nice Hash and Darling, InYourPants, Doggystyle, Apple and the hares had the circle, awarding the run with a perfect 10 (probably the best hash ever!) and the hashit was awarded in absentia to Trouble for the Austrian Orphan debacle.

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