HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 2036 (13th May 2017)

Location Lower Pharping
Hares Hebitch and Daffidildo
Hashers ~30
HashitMorning Glory
Trash HeBitch
Trashflash DoggyStyle
Remarkables virgins: returnees:... visitors: ... Newcomers: Spicy Pussy, Humpahobbit Leavers: Any Cock will Do

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

This hash will be known as the Oliver Twist of trails, abandoned by its biological parent hares American carnage and Million Dollar Visa had conceived it by volunteering but then left it on the doorsteps of the mismanagement orphanage. Next, Hebitch stepped up like good old Fagin to adopt poor little 2036, convincing Daffy Dildo to be his partner in crime. Daffy seemed committed until halfway setting when the Luscious Lama made a booty call making her jump ship, or in this case, jumping on a bus leaving Hebitch to finish the trail.

The hashers unknown about this, turned out in reasonable numbers, only realizing what they had signed up for upon arrival. Blowhard committed to have some alone time from ThinDick and even willing to run for that was wondering if she was going to have a Deja vu from hash 2017 when Doggystyle and Hebitch send her off on a half marathon hash.

Somehow, the hare had been able to curb his enthusiasm, it might have been the new prescription drugs financed from the hashcash, he even gave the pack a gracefull exit of what might be known as the longest false trail in H4 history right from the on in, losing the FRBs Hole in One, False Buddha and Doggystyle who ended up on the top of the hill and ended up running the trail reversed.

The true trail took the pack down to the river, once again having the more proactive scouts (surprisingly including Hurry Krishna) embarking on yet another long falsie across the river leading back towards Kokhana. Having turned Hurry Krishna into Grumpy Krishna, the trail led up into the hills to the holding under a bipaltree that made Avatar’s hometree look like a piece of weed.

Next the trail took the pack up towards Pharping, where a refreshing Changstop was waiting at holding number two. This was badly needed as the group had just encountered the reverse FRBs telling all another 8 kilometers were waiting for them. Having rejuvenated with homebrew alcoholic beverages, the group crossed the Pharping bazar to end up on a long green trail descending back to the hydro power.

Of course, the hares got a perfect 10 (did we mention the hares are writing the trash) and the Virgin Brexit contingency John, Pippin and James got what they deserved. Any Cock will Do said his goodbyes. But luckly, fresh blood was injected with the arrival of Spicy Pussy and Warrel (but you can call me Tight Fight), who was instantly renamed Humpahobbit.

As we are experiencing some unnecessary backlog in the posting of the trashes by techneilogy, he will be forced to orate them in the circle having down downs between each paragraph. Next week Phutung is calling with Gogo girl, and Hebitch haring and American Carnage tagging hopefully along.

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