HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1887 (26th July 2014 )

Location Chhampi
Hares HeBitch HandKreme and Dutch Delegation
Hashers approx. 50 some fraction of which paid for beer
HashitWee wild Flasher
Trash HeBitch
Trashflash Hole in One
Remarkables virgins:Ashley, ed, Santosh, Dom, Hannah returnees:Nobody came back visitor: I wasn't paying attention

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

Amazing! Life changing! Solved my mid life crisis in one afternoon! ……Just some of the feedback received from the pack after we returned back to the On In, the fact that the hare is writing the trash has no effect on the accuracy of the feedback reflected here. It all started with the lowlander lad squad agreeing to set the rune the week before, thereby setting a record for hare Maarten Schnirp (we gotta do something hash name wise with that last name) as he has now hared 50% of the runs he has been on (hurray for the hares!). He was accompanied by HeBitch (recepy for disaster), HandKream (DRR) and Willem Grimmick (seriously, we gotta do something with these names!). A reasonable amount of hashers made it out to the On In to find themselves smeared with orange tika powder to ensure that everybody received ”a touch of Dutch’. Having undergone this utterly senseless preparation, the run set off, with His Bitches Voice leading the walkers, taking his haring responsibility so serious he had no eyes for Wee Wild Flasher, who decided to respond to nature’s call by tumbling down the hill (another walker hash crash, we gotta get ourselves some new ones, these malfunction!). The trail started off down towards the bridge with Hole In One switching on the super sonic mode as usual having the other hashers eating dirt…..but hold on…..wat was that…….like one of those little fishes cleaning the skin of a shark, a young lad named Alex (is that right?) latched on to our prime runner, little did he know that this was not a race……except when you run with HI1.

The trail then stabilized in the spirit of its creators (hurray for the hares!) and only at the first holding turned into a mudslide that had to be conquered uphill….only to wait at a holding for everyone and slide back down. Pig farmer saw right through this Dutch courage and decided to keep going, establishing another record at the hash…..him leading the pack! Our second holding was entertained by the arrival of Doggy Style and Hurry Krishna, having arrived late at the start, but thank to the excellent paper laying (hurray for the hares!) they were able to join our disjointed family. Anarchy flared up within the pack having the On In in sight with front runners tumbling down the hill and through the rice paddies in order to get that first beer in as the returned walkers were gobbling down Darling’s snacks. The weather gods decided to control their bladder a little longer as HeBitch ensured all acquisitions were entertained and virgins newcomers and leavers got what they had coming, unfortunately having to down a visionary shoe himself in the process. The hares were awarded with a 10 (hurray for the hares!) and Hurray Krishna and Apple finally got their 500 and 600 run beer mugs, hashshit was given to Wee Wild Flasher to add to her suffering, and for once Trouble was not a serious contester. Next week Kruel to set the opposite of a flat hash so put those clogs back in the closet!

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