HHHH Trash for Mixed Hash Run 1888 (2nd August 2014)

Location Machhegoan Pines
Hares Kruel and Shova
Hashers approx. 40 some fraction of which paid for beer
Trash HeBitch
Trashflash Where's the damn photos
Remarkables virgins:A bunch of Americans returnees:? visitors: I wasn't paying attention

A Very Approximate Report of What Happened

With the numbers of hashers ever growing despite the monsoon still coming down a pack of around 40 gathered near the slippery pine forest. The hare having put on an Hawaiian shirt for the occasion kept up the illusion that we might have a sunny hash. GM I luminous made one of his rare appearances as well. After the hare providing us absolutely no useful information about the run whatsoever and one of the virgins being spotted starting the run on flip flops we ran off with a hunger for freshly shredded paper. Hole in One and Pubic Wig set the pace, although almost ending face down in a big bucket of Cheng while running through a local celebration and underestimating the slippery forest soil. Embarking on the first hill we ran into the Master of Disaster squad that coming out to their first run had not managed to make sense of the directions and decided the best way to find us was to run aimless through the hills. Kruel made it clear very early on, the flatlander run from last week was to be balanced by a ‘I take you up every possible hill just because I can’ run. The paper laying suggested that the hare had started the day with a hearty breakfast of hash brownies, but perhaps that was just cunningness as the endless amount of crosses and trails that stopped in the middle of nowhere kept the FRBs occupied. Having set almost the entire pack off on a massive false trail led by Hole in One, we started making our way up through what was feared to be leech infested territory.

A shortcut taken by Hebitch turned into a shirtcut but did save him from having to run through a swarm of killer bees, which was unfortunately a fate preserved for one of our newly hashers (please provide me a name here). Kruel then decided to have a second go at explaining the trail halfway through, his patience being seriously challenged by Doggystyle and Trouble. Having returned we found out that most of the walkers had managed to get lost, having hare Shobha only returning with a select few of them. No need to say the hares received critical feedback in the circle as walkers kept dripping in to the circle, His Bitches Voice being the last of them. The league of extraordinary gentlemen informed us that Kathmandu was to be a safe place (a down down for any accident that happens this week in Kathmandu for when they return) from now on, with other virgins explaining their locations on the Watford scale ensuring the expired GM to understand as well. An acquisition of spotting romancing on the hash was successfully reversed with Pubic Wig ending up on the wrong side of the down down and of course there really was only one contester for the hash shit with Rotter suggesting to take the big cup the wrong way (Handkream you would be impressed) all in all another 6 hours that could be used to make the world a better place wasted on us sorry bunch. Embrace yourself for next week’s hash, as Hole in One is scheming a cunning twist and Saturday’s run will be finished off with a dirty Thamel full moon run on Sunday. On On!